House organ

House organ

A house organ is, as the name says, an instrument to play at home.

Building a house organ

A house organ is often a somewhat larger instrument that is made to order for a particular room in a house.   Not only that, but the instrument can also be made for the particular body measurements of the player.

The choices are many in design, disposition, compass and style.  Usually the customer presents us with his or her ideas.  Then we make a design based on these ideas.

Examples of house organs

Van der Putten has built various house organs for individuals, for example in Nijmegen, New York, and Vienna.

These house organs are all quite different, just as their owners are.  Look here for a number of examples of house organs.


For building house organs we use the same natural materials as for church organs:  oak, pine, Lebanon cedar, red cedar, cherry, ebony, and bone.

Your ideas

We think that personal contact is very important.  For this reason we always make sure that you are very closely involved during the building of your house organ.

Delivery time for house organs

Depending on the size of the instrument, the building can take between 6 months and 2 years.

More info?

We’re happy to tell you more.  Just contact us.