Building organs

Building an Organ

If you decide to have an organ built, you’ll have to make many decisions.

You have probably considered first of all whether you prefer a new instrument or a 2nd-hand organ.  In these days, when so many churches are closing, there are many church organs for sale, often of good quality.  If you find an organ that’s suitable, moving it is still a considerable challenge.

If you decide to get a new organ, then you get an instrument that is made completely according to your wishes.  There are many possibilities for the design, disposition, compass, and style.

Building an organ is a very laborious process, which is the reason that an organ is such an expensive instrument.  If you choose to get a new organ, then you will be well advised to look critically at the builder and his craftsmanship.

The builder

Van der Putten is a famous organbuilder who has carried out many extraordinary projectsOrgelbaumeister Ingrid Noack-Kirschner and Winold van der Putten stand at the heart of the company.  We build organs and love to play them as well.

We build:

In building these organs we use only natural materials and we work in a traditional way, based on principles from the 18th century.

Making your wishes known

We always advise visiting organs of various organ makers to get a good idea of the sound of the organ, since this is quite different from one organ builder to another.

If you choose us to build your organ, then we start an intensive project.  You present your ideas to us, and we respond with a proposal.  Together  we work out the best design and the most beautiful sound.  You are intensively involved in this preparatory phase.  But after this, during the building process, you are of course always welcome to visit us and see your organ being created.

Waiting period

Depending on the size of the instrument, the construction of an organ usually takes between 6 months and 2 years.  And when it’s finished, then comes the most exciting moment:  how does it sound?  It’s always a celebration.  For us it’s also always a somewhat difficult moment:  we have to give our organ up.

More info?

We’re happy to tell you whatever you need to know.  Just contact us!