Organ building with fervor

We build, restore and tune organs. From modern instruments to century-old organs from the sixteenth century. With us you can count on passionate organ makers who also like to make organ music.

Organ building

Do you want to build a new organ? We build house organs, chest organs and church organs. And are always in for a special project! Read more about making new organs

Organ restoration

*more to come* Read more about organ restoration

Tuning and maintenance

*more to come* Read more about tuning and maintenance

Overplaatsing Atterton orgel van Kornhorn naar Wolvega

In 2019 we have moved the Atterton organ from Kornhorn NL to Wolvega NL. The inaugusation will be on februari 23rd.   The stop list is as following: Great (C – g³) Open Diapason 8 ft Stopt [=Stopped]  Diapason Bass 8 ft (C – H)  Dulciana 8 ft (c° – g³)  Clarabella Treble 8 ftLees meer