2019 Midwolda Netherlands

The cleaning and partial restoration of the Hinsz organ from 1772 included the following work:

The organ was

  • cleaned
  • Wherever possible, wires and axles were derusted and lubricated
  • feltrings were glued onto the wind chests and upper boards and the sliders were readjusted
  • most of the purses were replaced
  • the pallet springs were replaced by reconstructed springs
  • the pedalboard was newly garnished
  • panels and doors have been partially restored
  • all locks have been replaced
  • the pipes were cleaned and restored where necessary
  • the reed registers were checked thoroughly, the tin covering of the shallots was replaced and re-leathered where they were too much decomposed by tin pest and the resonators were partially extende


The expert on this work was Stef Tuinstra and the organist Ludolf Heikens



The stoplist:







Praestant 8vt Praestant 4vt Praestant 8vt
Gedackt 16vt Fluitdoux 8vt Bourdon 16vt
Baarpijp 8vt Quintadena 8vt Gedackt 8vt
Holpijp 8vt Nazat 3vt Roerquint 6vt
Gemshoorn 4vt Holpijp 4vt Octaav 4vt
Cornet 3sterk disc. Spitsfluit 2vt Nagthoorn 2vt
Octaaf 4vt Octaaf 2vt Basuyn 16vt
Quint 3vt Scherp 3-4 sterk Trompet 8vt
Woudfluit 2vt Sexquialtera 2 sterk Schalmey 4vt
Octaaf 2vt Dulciaan 8vt Cornet 2vt
Mixtuur 4-5sterk
Trompet 8vt
Vox Humana 8vt