Portatives for sale

3 portatives for sale

We currently have 3 portatives, which are for sale.

1. Two small portatives after Flemish example
Portative 2023



2022 we were asked to make a number of portatives, which could be displayed and possibly sold at a medieval music festival in the Spanish town of Cuenca. We designed a series of 4 small portatives for this purpose. Normally, our portatives have sliders on the side with which the pitch can be changed. We didn’t do that this time, opting for a=440 Hz.

Two organettos remained in Spain; there are still two available in our workshop!

Small Portative after Flemish examples from the 14th century

Layout chromatic. Shape and ornamentation are made after the depictions of Memling and contemporaries. Pipe layout and mensuration are modelled on a painting by Fra Angelico (1387-1455) in the San Marco museum in Florence and other tracts from Italian sources.

Size g¹, a¹-a³; 26 pipes of 95 % lead.

Pitch: a¹ = 440 Hz.The size of the organ is 35 cm wide, 26 cm deep and 61 cm high.

A backpack was made for transport. A protection plate for the pipes at the front and a plate for on top are included. The portative has a large bellows at the back with 7 folds.

The case is made of Lebanon cedar and finished with linseed oil. The keys are made of holly wood. The ornamentation on the side is painted as if it were inlay work and is taken from the aforementioned work by Memling.

The pythagorean tuning of this instrument has been handed down in a manuscript containing the tracts of Marchettus of Padua on Franco’s ‘Ars Cantus Mensurabilis’ (1325 – 1350).

The pipes of this portative were inspired by the tract fragment ‘sunt vero’. This fragment is part of the writing ‘Musica’ by Georgius Anselmi of Padua (copy from 1434). Both texts were published by C.J. Sachs in ‘Mensura Fistularum’ (1980). The scale of these pipes is clearly narrower than that of the large instrument, which is why this portative can function in the treble, coming out clear.

The price of this portative is € 6,000,– Transport backpack for pipes and case € 500,– All prices are excluding VAT and ex workshop.


2. Large Memling portative

This instrument was made in 2020.

The arrangement is chromatic. The shape and ornaments are inspired by illustrations by Memling (1390-1441).

Range:  g°, a° – a². The pipes are made of 98% tin, hammered.

The organ is 48.5 cm wide, 26 cm deep and 104 cm high.
It weighs 13 kg.

The large bellows at the back have 7 folds.

The case is made of cypress and treated with oil. The keys are made of holly.

The tuning of the portative is pythagorean ,

Pitch: a¹ = 460 Hz.

The price of this portative is € 9,500,– transport case € 500,– All prices are excluding VAT and ex workshop.



portative 2020

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