2021 | Almere Bonifatiuskerk

In Almere a new church is build with the  principles of Dom van der Laan.

We transfered to this church a Walcker organ from 1983, which we had removed from the St. Franciscus church in Wolvega a year ago.

The organ was assembled with the help of volunteers and painted in suitable colours by people from the church, so that it fits in very well with the church.

We have made a change in the disposition: in place of the present Flageolet 1′ we have placed a Gamba 8′.

The disposition now reads:

Hoofdwerk: Prinzipal 8′, Hohlpfeife 8′, Prinzipal 4′, Octav 2′, Mixtur 3-4 fach.
Positief: Gedackt 8′, Rohrflöte 4′, Waldflöte 2′, Flageolet 1′.
Pedaal: Bordun 16′.
Koppelingen: Hoofdwerk – Positief, Pedaal – Hoofdwerk, Pedaal – Positief.

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